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Isla Mujeres is a magical Caribbean island like no other. The turquoise calm waters, thin white sand, tropical warm weather and the hospitality of their villagers will astonish you.


Make of your vacations a relaxing, cultural and adventurous time. Suites Los Arcos (In Hidalgo Av. At the heart of the Island) brings you comfort and closeness, to exquisite restaurants, fun bars and traditional Mexican handcrafts shops. We’ve been receiving guests from around the world for fifteen years. We would love you’d be our next satisfied guest.

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About the Island

Isla Mujeres was discovered in 1517 by Spaniard explorer Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba.
In pre Hispanic times the island was consecrated to Ixel; goddess of the moon, love, and fertility. The Mayans would bring her woman shaped figurines ass offerings; they would also make statues of the goddess all around the island. When seeing this, the Spaniards baptized this place as Isla Mujeres (Women Island).
In it waters we can find species such as: The whale shark, caguama turtles, sailfish (fastest fish there is) and a vast variety of colored fish found and its coral reefs. Making this place perfect for an eco or fishing trip.

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Miguel Hidalgo 58, Centro. 001, 77400 Isla Mujeres, Q.R.

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